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The past few years have been frustrating and embarrassing with not being able to hear as I once did. I bought my first hearing aids three years ago and became more frustrated and disappointed that I would never be able to hear without asking everyone to repeat themselves. That all changed when I went to see the wonderful and very helpful Montgomery Hearing Aid Specialist team. They were very patient and helpful with me as they explained what I needed to help improve my hearing. With the new technology of hearing aids, Rachael explained, in great detail, two options to choose from. My work and lifestyle made my decision easy, and I've been uplifted each day (and no longer frustrated)! I hear so much better and can't express enough my gratitude and appreciation for the Montgomery Hearing Aid team. Thanks, Rachael, for all your help!!

- Customer Cincinnati

Dr. Grosinger and staff have been wonderful! Addressed all concerns and questions. In addition, spent appropriate time. Highly recommended!!!