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Patient Testimonials

  • Thanks largely to Dr. Skinner

    Before the tweaking [of my hearing aids by Montgomery Hearing Aid Specialists], I was watching TV with the hearing aid in combination with the processor with the volume set at about 14 volume set and at 36 to 42 without the processor, but I am now watching TV with the volume set at 14, and not having to rely on captions, which was never the case before.

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  • Thank you for your conscientious care of me.

    Thank you for your conscientious care of me. Last fall you reminded me that my hearing aid warranty was almost up and as a result you sent them in for a checkup, and I received a new hearing aid.

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  • Dr. Rachael Skinner, audiologist, is very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.

    I have been a patient of Montgomery Hearing Aid Specialists for several years. While I usually visit the Wilmington office, I have also visited the Montgomery office on occasion. Both offices have friendly and helpful staff.

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  • Dr. Grosinger and staff have been wonderful

    Dr. Grosinger and staff have been wonderful! Addressed all concerns and questions.

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  • They were very patient and helpful with me

    I bought my first hearing aids three years ago and became more frustrated and disappointed that I would never be able to hear without asking everyone to repeat themselves.

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