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At Montgomery Hearing Aid Specialists, we provide excellent hearing aid solutions. Our comprehensive and focused approach to our patients along with the state-of-the-art-facilities ensures that each of our patients gets the best possible outcome. To know about our services, click on the below tabs:

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations

  • Diagnostic hearing evaluations are carried out to determine if hearing loss is present, and if so, to detail the type and severity of the hearing loss. The results may also provide an insight into the cause of the hearing loss as well as provide guidance for the audiologist in making appropriate treatment recommendations. Various tests are included such as pure-tone testing, bone-conduction testing and speech testing.

Tinnitus Evaluations

  • Tinnitus is a ringing sound in the ears that may be due to various ear conditions and is often associated with hearing loss. It is commonly a subjective experience but may also be detected by an examiner. To evaluate tinnitus and its impact on the patient, a comprehensive hearing evaluation is carried out, as well as supplemental tests and protocols that indicate the subjective experience and negative consequences.

Hearing Aid Evaluations & Demonstrations

  • Hearing aids are recommended if hearing tests reveal permanent hearing loss in one or both ears. Your audiologist will identify the sounds that you have difficulty hearing. Your personal input is very important for a more comprehensive evaluation. A medical evaluation with an ENT specialist is usually mandatory before placing a hearing aid. Your audiologist will explain your hearing deficit and what you can expect from a hearing aid. Different styles of hearing aids are shown or demonstrated to you and we will help you select the right one based on your level of hearing loss, lifestyle and financial situation.

Hearing Aid Fittings

  • Once your hearing aids are selected and have arrived from the manufacturer, they will need to be programed to meet your hearing needs. You might take a little while to get used to the new sounds when you first put them on. Your audiologist will ensure that the sounds are clear and comfortable for you. A few tests are conducted to assess your improved hearing skills such as answering a list of questions, etc. Minor adjustments may be needed for a better hearing experience. You will be educated on the proper use and care of your device.

Hearing Aid Adjustments & Repairs

  • Hearing aids may sometimes need adjustment or repair after a period of use. If your hearing aids are not working properly or you notice a defect, you should bring them in. Certain repairs or adjustments may be performed in the office. Some devices may need to be sent to the manufacturer. Most hearing aids come with a warranty. If the warranty has expired, they can still be repaired for a small fee.


If you wish to be advised on the most appropriate treatment, please call the , to schedule an appointment or click to request an appointment online.